Going from your normal workout to working out at the INFERNO is an immediate jump in Intensity.  That's why you feel so wrecked.  But once you get into working out with us on a normal basis, how do you make the jump again and kick even more ass?  The answer is in the amount of rest you take during the workouts.  Try this:  when you are working out, every time you need to stop, put the bar down and count to 10.  Once you get to 10 you need to get right back into the workout.  This doesn't mean you step up at the bar on 10, but that the bar is moving at 10. Once that gets a little easier then reduce the count to 7, then to 5 then to 3 then try to go unbroken.  Cutting a couple seconds off your rest is very tough but you will get used to it if you keep doing.  Give it a try.  It will hurt but push through it.  Make that jump to the next level!!!  See whats on the other side!!


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"Dont Feel Pain!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


800m Sprint

7 reps Deadlift (225#, 155#)

14 reps Push-ups (release at bottom)

400m Sprint

14 reps Deadlifts

28 reps Push-ups

200m Sprint

21 reps Deadlift

42 reps Push-ups.




Push Press off Rack


*How heavy can you go?.

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