PR's (personal records) are a weird thing.  Everyone wants to get a better score, a better time, or heavier weight.  And the journey is pretty crazy.  In the beginning of a new activity, you are constantly improving yourself and hitting new PR's all the time.  After you have been at for awhile, the PR's are more and more spread out.  This is the point where some may get discouraged and stop trying hard or give it up and try for something else.  But just like every goal, its something that has to be worked towards.  When you are really getting good at your game, your PR's don't come in leaps and bounds, they come in A second or A pound.  The preparation it takes to get to these milestones can take time.  But, you can not rush it.  You also need to hit the goal from different angles.  Don't just do the same thing each day.  If a heavy lift is your goal, dont just do that lift over and over everyday. What are the ancillary movements that you need to strengthen?  Are there some core issues to deal with? Hows your flexibility?  How is the mobility?  Hows is the efficiency of the move?  Do you breakdown just at the 1RM or are you having issues when you are generally fatigued like in a metcon?  These are all things to look at and hit on your road to your PR.  Just because you aren't actively doing that one move doesn't mean you aren't working for it in other ways.  I know Joe, our eldest member, has said he is the strongest he has ever been in his life!  How cool is that!!!  PR's can come at anytime! Don't let it stop!!  Keep on it and keep achieving and succeeding!!

CrossFit Northern Inferno will officially open its doors on Monday November 28!!  This gym will be a great addition to the INFERNO Community and will lead the North County to true fitness just as we have SLO.  Check the website, or email for more info!!

Mo'Bro Anthony Bozzano will be a guess bartender at the Creeky Tiki, in SLO, tonight from 6-9pm.  Help him raise money for Prostate Cancer Awareness!!


Foundations Class this Sunday at 9am to 12noon.  We need 5 minimum for this class.  Sign up at the gym or email!



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INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


AMRAP in 20 minutes:

5 reps Handstand Push-ups

10 reps Pistols, one legged squats, (alternating legs)

15 reps Pull-ups


MWOD.....Do this before you do Mary today.



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