Do you know someone who needs to change there way of life and get healthier?  If you did know someone like this, how would you get them to change?  Does it work to constantly tell them how bad they are?  Does it work to try to shame them into it?  Does it work to just let them go when they are ready to change?  Does it work to physically bring them to a gym?  Does it work to throw out all the bad food or the booze?  What do you do?  This really a tough question.  It totally depends on your relationship to that person.  There are different things you can do based on your relationship with them.  BUT, can you not say anything and just let them go?  Personally, I say no.  I would want to exhaust all my options before I gave up.  If it was someone in my family, then I would make a conscious effort to be there with that person working out with them and eating with them.  Nobody wants to feel bad, or weak, or worthless.  But if you can get them to stay with it for about 3 weeks, then its usually is long enough to have it become routine.  Don't give up on people.  They may go kicking and screaming but it better than them not kicking and screaming anymore.  What do you guys think??



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INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


10 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

15 reps Deadlift (255#, 155#)

25 reps Box Jumps (30#, 26#)

50 reps Pull-ups

100 reps Wall Balls (20#@10', 15#@10')

200 reps Double Unders (or 3:1 singles)

400m Run w Bumper (45#, 25#)





* how long to get to 3 minutes of L-hold?

. you wear flip flops?



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