So the Regional workouts have been posted and lets just say they are VERY different than the Open workouts.  I am actually really excited about them because they look brutal!!!!  The one thing I have ALWAYS loved about crossfit and these types of workouts is the challenge.  I feel like when a workout is given its like someone is challenging me and saying, "Hey Bill, do you think you can do this?"  This is one of the best thing about what we do here at the INFERNO.  We take this challenge and hand it to you daily.  What we are looking for is that you get used to the idea of facing a daily challenge.  We don't want you EVER to think you cant do something or cant handle something.  You can always do so much more than you ever think you could.  Use our daily test to train yourself to be used to taking on huge challenges.  NEVER FEAR A CHALLENGE!!!!  Give it a little smile and then ATTACK!!!!

The Northern Inferno will be doing a 5k Fun Run up in Atascadero tomorrow at the Atascadero Fire Fitness Day.  Come join the Northern Members in the run and then hang out up at the Northern Inferno Booth with us.  See you there!!!


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Inferno Warm-up X3

Complete the Following:


5 Rounds:

     7 reps Snatch (155#, 105#)

     20 reps Pull-ups

     15 reps Back Squat (155#, 105#)




5 Rounds:

     20 reps Double Unders

     10 reps Hand Stand Push Ups


MWOD....getting the body right for going overhead


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