CrossFit is a program.  Its simple.  It is Constantly Varied Functional Movements Done at High Intensity.  Its keeping yourself from doing the same routine all the time.  Switch it up daily.  Its changing the time frame that you are working.  Its doing movements that are innate to our body.  Movements that elicit the most power we can generate.  Movements that are multi joint and multi systematic.  Movements that can move Large Load, Long Distances, Quickly.  Then we do these moves at High Intensity.  This means do them as fast as you can.  Its Goal is one thing: Increased Work Capacity over Broad Time and Modal Domains......Fitness.  Its simple and elegant.  It makes sense and it works.  Its what we do!


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


12 Min AMRAP:

     5 reps Muscle ups

     10 reps Zurcher Squats (205#, 135#)

     15 reps Mountain Climber (rt leg lt leg = 1 rep)

          *keep body tight and inline.  Bring feet to your hands with each stride.




Front Squat Walk (50m)

     4 rounds

          *dropping the bar is a fail for that weight.  rest as needed between


MWOD........this is for all the duck footed INFERNITES we have out there!!!  CHANGE IT !!!!

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