We hear about pain all the time in Crossfit.  People are afraid to do it because its going to hurt.  So then how can people say its fun?  Theres a point where you arent afraid   You know what you are getting into but eventually you can look past it.  How?  What changes?? Its just time in the "uncomfortable" realm.  Training to improve yourself IS NOT EASY!!!  There is no easy way to improve your body or anything about your physicality.  When you see that something is "fun", but isnt hard? Then its not going to be a workout.  Its just going to be a fun activity and an activity IS NOT TRAINING.  ITS NOT A WORKOUT.  Please dont misunderstand me....If you do nothing then you start with a fun activity, at least you are doing something and thats a huge improvement.  But to get real improvements and gains you MUST work for it.  Once you get used to working hard, then the stuff we do becomes fun.  Its fun because its constantly different stuff and you get to challenge yourself.  Its fun because when you are done you feel more accomplishment then you would if you did a little jog down the road.  Then its fun because you constantly see improvement!  Get in the zone and the things you want to see happen will!! 

Have an AMAZING DAY today!!!!


__________________________ DSC_0025

"Beach It"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:



     5 Rounds:

          Max reps BW Floor Press

          Max reps Pull-up

          *REST as needed between rounds


Bottom Tabata Squats

     *8 rounds of 20 seconds max reps and 10 seconds of rest doing Air Squats but rest in the down postition of the squat. Score with total reps


MWOD........Enjoy the day!!!!!!

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