There are many different things that are trying to be accomplished with our CrossFit workouts.  We obviously have the physical part that we are trying to get from you.  We have spent much time talking about the mental part where you need to keep yourself in the game and learn to push that pain threshold back further each day.  There will be other mental things that test you as well.  For example, you are in a large class, you dont get to just go where ever you want, you actually have to navigate yourself through the group of people and the bars and people swinging  around you.  You will have people that are in your way when you are doing your muscle ups, etc.  Sure this seems like a pain and it would be easier if you....... (you fill in the blank).  We want you to become more efficient in your movements.  However, we dont want you to try to modify or change thing to make the workout easier, or the flow easier.  I want you to be able to perform in any and all circumstances!  This means crowded, cold, hot, wet, etc!  Dont try to adjust everything to suit you.  What do you gain out of this little mind game?  You will be able to do what you need to do WITHOUT getting frustrated.  We all get angry but frustration is the worst thing that could happen to us when we were training or competing.  So put yourself in more weird positions and you will be more adapt to cope with it:)


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"Beautiful Couplet"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


7 Rounds for Time: (18 min time limit)

     7 reps Squat Clean (225#, 155#, or 75% of 1RM)

     7 reps Over the Box Jump (24", 20")

     *If you arent through rd 4 at 10min, then stop after completing rd 5.  You can jump onto then off the other side of the box if you need to.




5 Rounds:

     50' Handstand Walk (sub: 1 minute HS Hold again the wall)

     50 reps Double Unders (sub: 2:1 singles)


MWOD........getting better in the bottom position for the squat cleans!

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