There are a tons of people out there who tag themselve with the title of coach.  Some used to be athletes, some have trained under someone famous, some have had a class or two, and some are self taught.  Your coaches collectively have ALL of the above.  You have athletes of, students of, geeks of, self studiers of Crossfit and all of the things involved in it.  Even though ALL coaches have room to improve, we know that we have a ton of information to give you as an athlete.  However, it take you listening to what the coaches have to say.  At times we will be tough on you, and other times we may decide to go easy on you but we do this to make sure we can get the most from you.  If you want to gain the most you can from your coaches at the INFERNOs, you need to listen to them.  Not just once in a while or when you feel like it.  You need to trust in the things we are saying.  EVERY comment is said for a reason.  Trust in the informationyou are getting.  Believe in what we can do for you.  Our ENTIRE GOAL, is to make you the best athlete you can become!!  ITs a two way street.  Are you going to go my way?:)


$65 or $95 for the Seminar and a custom fitted rope.  There will be video taping and getting you to be the best double under-er EVER!!!  Email or Facebook if you are going.  We are capping the number at 30!!!


__________________________ DSC_0058

"Push this"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For Time:

     30/60-20/40-10/20 reps

          Hang Power Clean and Jerk (185#, 115#)

          Hand Release Push Ups




Good Mornings


          *Keep the bar over your heels the entire time!  You MUST push your butt back as far as you can.


ON RAMP CLASS Day 1: Squat Series

. the problem with your snatch your shoulders?  Check this test out

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