You dont feel like going to workout.  You are tired.  You had a bad day.  The kids, the job, the money, the relationship, just the day itself....maybe one or all of these are weighing you down.  It would be better just to go home and sulk right?  NO.  We talk about being able to train with INTENSITY everyday you come to WOD.  What we really want is for you to bring your RELATIVE Intensity.  This means to bring whatever it is that you have.  Sometimes once you get going you feel better right away and it was some good heavy breathing and sweating that you needed to shake off the cobwebs.  Sometimes you can barely stay in it and you struggle through every rep.  Yes these days suck but remember that its here that you are winning!!  You are training your body to work through the tough times.  You are learning to separate yourself from the crap in life and make yourself perform.  No matter how the workout turns out, you can be stoked because you have just done a DOUBLE workout!!!!  Its like scaling up on your brain rather than on your muscles.  You WILL feel better after, I promise!  Let the workout do its magic and make you not just be better but feel better!


__________________________ DSC_0200

"Drive the Engine"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


With a continuous clock: (16 min total)

     AMRAP in 4 minutes:

          2 reps Power Cleans (185#, 115#)

          2 reps Front Squats

          2 reps Push Jerk

     ***Rest for 4 minutes****

     AMRAP in 3 minutes:

          4 reps Power Cleans (135#, 95#)

          4 reps Front Squats

          4 reps Push Jerk

     ***Rest for 3 minutes****

     AMRAP in 2 minutes:

          6 reps Power Cleans (95#, 65#)

          6 reps Front Squats

          6 reps Push Jerks




Max Height Box Jump

  *find your highest jump but you must land and stand on the box


ON RAMP CLASS Day 3: Overhead Presses


MWOD........Do this the next time your at In n Out!

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