The first annual Inferno Family Beach Bash has come and gone.  WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!!!  First off, it was the first competition that we have ever put on.  It was the first crossfit event on the central coast.  It was one of the first true event that was solely on the beach using the beach, the water and the sand all wrapped up into crossfit workouts.  It was the first competition for many local crossfitters who were brave enough to give it a shot and have some fun!  This was one of the most amazing things that happened that day.  Many people are comfortable "doing there own thing" in the gym but some were very nervous about working out in front of others.  "what if i lose?".  "What if i come in last?".  these are the same concerns that people have when they first come to the gym.  I think we really put this fear to rest for many people.  We had 78 people compete and i heard from each person that they had a great time!!!  Very cool!  The coolest thing about this event was that it brought together 4 crossfit boxes to play together.  Crossfitters are a different bread than the rest fo the world.  We talk different, we dress different, we eat different.  Sure we all have individual box pride, and this is VERY IMPORTANT because these people are your team and your family.  But the crossfit community is what extends out past your walls.  Events like this break down those barriers and allow for more fun crossfitting experiences between local boxes.  Grow that community!!  Had a great time everyone!!!  Thank you to everyone that helped, the sponsors, the volunteer judges, mother nature, and all the athletes!  


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"Sand Tastes Good"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:



     75 reps Power Snatch (75#, 55#)




AMRAP in 12 minutes

     14 reps Ring Dips

      7 reps Front Squats (185#, 125#)


MWOD........feeling any patellar tendon pain? Check this out!


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