Im starting to see many of our folks straying from our planned daily warm-up and doing their own stuff.  I'm seeing people running with med balls.  I'm seeing lunges.  I'm seeing other stuff and sometimes I'm just seeing folks chatting. You are missing the whole reason we do this warm up.  Our dynamic warm up is designed to 1) warm up your entire body using the functional movements that you will use in virtually every workout. 2) these movements NEED to be perfected.  It set up muscle memory in these movements.  We want you to be able to not have to think about where your body needs to be when you are stressed and in the middle of the workout.  But if you don't practice these movements EVERYDAY, then you are missing that important time to master those movements.  You wonder why your knees hurt when your squat? is your squat perfect?  You have issues with shoulder mobility?  Are you making sure your overhead squats are improving? This time is EXTREMELY important to you.  If you need to do mobility, come a few minutes early and do that.  But don't pass or blow off your daily warm up.  It will make you better !!!!


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"Long and Hard"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:



     AMRAP in 20 min

          5 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

          10 reps Pistols (each leg is 1 rep)

          15 reps Pull-ups





     *Find a good 10RM (yes i said ten)


MWOD........some serious pistol readiness!

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