Is there such a thing as a bad CrossFit coach.  I think that bad would have to be defined.  There are many insanely excellent coaches.  I am amazed by many crossfit coaches out there and the things they can make happen with thier people.  What if you have a coach that doesnt really quite understand Crossfit Methodologies, are they bad?  I would venture to say they are more inexperienced than bad.  Many of the things going on in CrossFit today are total opposite of what the mainstream gym scene or health and nutrition is saying.  So it takes some time for a trainer to hear these things, understand it and then be able to translate it to their people.  I honestly thought this was the extent of this topic.  I have learned that this is not the case.  There is such a thing as a bad coach.  As a CrossFit Affiliate owner, we are embassidors of CrossFit.  We MUST conduct ourselves in a very professional, educational, insprational manner while we are out splattered with Crossfit all over us.  Since the world doesnt fuilly get us yet, we are constantly under the microscope.  Dont let a stupid situation all of a sudden make you a "bad crossfit coach".  There are many boxes and many people doing Crossfit.  If you have a client that left you for another box, how should you act towards them when you see them? I would say to be as nice and supportive as you can.  Why?  Because people will see how you act. If you are a fostering coach then they will see that your goal is to make the client the best they can be.  If that means getting the congrats if they go to another box then so be it.  However if you trash talk, bad mouth, cut down, etc that member and their box, and expecially do it in public, then you are ruining the name of CrossFit.  CrossFit is a wonderful thing and has changed so many lives.  Dont get caught up in some stupid politics just to bitch and moan.  Let it go!   Dont be the bad Crossfit coach.  Be the best coach you can and give the best to your people!! 


__________________________ 300-1

"Prepare for Glory"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


"The 300":

     25 reps Pull Ups
     50 reps Dead Lifts (135#, 95#)
     50 reps Push Ups
     50 reps Box Jumps (24", 20")
     50 reps Floor Wipers (135#, 95#)
     50 reps Kettlebell Cleans (53#, 35#)
     25 reps Pull Ups




Zurcher Squat and Walk

    4 Rounds:

          10 Zurch Squats and 50 m Zurch Carry. (225#, 155#)

               *Pick up your bar from the floor and get into a Zurcher stance.  Do 10 reps Zurch Squats then walk 50m.  Continue to do your next 3 sets with as little rest as possible. If you drop it during the 50 m, you have to do 5 cleans with it before you can start up again.  Dropping at the end of the 50m is ok. 


MWOD........this works for the hamstring but it also works everywhere else.  Ifyou have a sore bits, then work above and below the sore area.  Check this out!!

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