What do you think when there has been a shark attack in the ocean and then there are surfers that say, "screw it! I'm going in anyways! I dont care about a dumb shark".  Many will say that those are dumb comments.  Maybe its the swell of a lifetime or something. Or maybe that comment is something like a kid would say in one of their matter-of-fact rants.  "I dont care if i get a cold playing outside!!  I want to go out in the snow without a shirt on Mom!!!!"  I know you can see the silliness behind these comments.  But what about when some says, "i have friends coming in so im going to eat and drink like crap and thats just how it is!" or "Im clean during the week and i lose it on the weekends and its cool because it just a couple days".  Arent these the same kinds of statements?  We have a tendency to justify our comments so we dont feel bad doing something we know we shouldnt.  Yes i know that sometimes we will fail during a meal, etc.  But to say that you dont care or that its no big deal?  Come on.  You know better than that!  We arent eating and working out the way we do to make life tough on us.  We do it because we know that it will help us to live a long, fuller, more functional life for longer. Hopefully the way we eat will keep inflammation down so that we dont have to worry about diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancers, heart disease, arthritis, Croan's Disease, etc.  We workout so that we can have increased work capacity over broad time and modal domains....so we are able to do anything, for a long time.  How important are these things to you?  The way you treat yourself is a direct reflection of how you see these things.  Dont give yourself excuses do eat bad or drink bad just so you can play.  Realize what you are doing.  Accept what it really is.  Is it worth it?  Thats your decision to make:)


__________________________ DSC_0011

"Over the Top"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For Time:

      80/30, 60/25, 40/20, 20/15 reps

           Double Unders (or 10 attempts and 2:1 singles)

           Overhead Squats (155#, 105#)




Shoulder Press


          *Warm up then make your 1st set heavy.  The idea is to go up until you are unable to get the 5 reps.  If you fail out at the 3rd set then back off a touch in the weight and do the rest at that weight.  PUSH IT TO GET THOSE REPS!!!!


ON RAMP CLASS Day 4: Clean and Snatch


MWOD........some overhead mwodding!!!!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skW14slOoR8]

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