One of my favorite lines from Pat Sherwood, of Crossfit Media and the Seminar Staff, is when he talks about the beauty of a Crossfit workout. And when he says the word "beauty", he actually hangs on it, really emphasizing the way it looks aesthetically.  Now how the HELL can a WOD "look" beautiful???  Heres how.  Crossfit WODs, when designed correctly, are made to elicit a particular response.  The object isnt to make you puke.  The object isnt to injure you.  The object isnt to make your heart beat its way out of your chest.  We want to tap into one for the 3 metabolic pathways based on the time frame of the workout chosen, and we want to give you movements that are constantly varied and functional with the goal of improving your fitness.  This sound like a difficult task but it really isnt.  We use 3 types of movements: Weight lifting (Oly lifts, Kettle bells, Power lifting, etc), Gymnastic (pull-ups, Hand Stand Push-ups, L-sits, Muscle-ups, etc), and Mono Structural Movements(running, biking, rowing, Double Unders, etc).  We pick between doing usually either 1of the movements types, a couplet, or a triplet.  Depending on the number of rounds, the number of reps and the weights used will determine the level of intensity of that particular workout.  Example: Fran, 21-15-9 reps of thrusters and pull-ups: beautiful.  Simple, easy, demonic.  But then you will see others, that have about 15 different movements, with weird rep schemes, and the only real idea behind is to make sure you are doing something for a long time.  This is the basic boot-camp idea: 45 minutes -1 hour of constant movement.  Your intensity will be low because you will be so tired.  The amount of work will be low, your benefits will diminish.  Look at the main site WODs.  They are simple but VERY effective.  Look at some of the well know trainers and programmers out there.  There stuff will be the same, simple and effective.  You wont see big gains from those that just do big long workouts.  Dont fall into this trap.  And believe me.... it is a trap.  Know why you are doing what you are doing.  Do the BEAUTIFUL WODs!


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"Just Plain Simple"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 min AMRAP Double Unders:

     *Everytime you miss on your double unders you owe 3 burpees before you can begin the DUs again.  Clock is continuous and is scored by total number of DUs. 

     *Scaled is in 5 minutes, do 100 single unders and then with the time remaining, do AMRAP of burpees.  Score by total number of burpees:




"Death by Clean and Jerk" (205#, 145#)

     *do 1 rep in the first minute, 2 in the 2nd, 3 in the 3rd, and continue until you are not able to get the required reps in that minute.  If you complete the 10th round and fail in the 11th then you are done.  If you fail before the 11th then you take one minute rest following the round you missed and then do 3 minutes of 70% of your highest completed round.  IE, if you completed the 8 rep round but failed in the 9th, then sit out 1 minute then do 3 one minute rounds of (8x.7=5.6 or 6 reps) 6 reps.


MWOD........some "bottom-up" set up patterns.  This works for the snatch as well as the clean.  Try it today!


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