My take on "Crossfit Light" classes:  I am NOT a fan.  Yes many of the Crossfit Benchmark workouts are using lighter weight or even just body weight like we are today in Angie.  But this by no means means that we are doing "Crossfit Light".  This type of class has evolved from boxes wanting to include more people in to the box. I totally understand wanting to make money as a box owner.  However, if we take out heavy lifting, then we are NOT doing Crossfit anymore.  Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program that has blurred the line between strength training and cardio training.  Part of our definition of Functional movements is that it is a movement in which we move large loads long distances quickly.  We use phrases like a "stronger person is harder to kill and in general much more useful".  We have finally been able to break the stereotype by saying that strong is the new skinny.  We have finally been able to get women to LIKE to deadlift and move big weights!  WHY WOULD WE WANT TO NOW TAKE IT OUT JUST TO GET MORE CLIENTS?  I think there needs to be some education rather than taking the weights out.  First, its relative heavy weights.  Your heavy may be my simple warm up.  But if its heavy for you then its heavy!  A 3RM is a 3RM!!!  Again education to the client about moving heavy weight.  Second, women will need to lift HUGE WEIGHTS and EAT BIG to get bulky!  Tight toned bodies, with sexy shoulders, tone legs, a tight butt, etc etc....please.  If you get that.....KEEP GOING!!!! Third, if the normal bootcamp with some burpees thrown in is your idea of crossfit, then you dont really understand crossfit.  Yes I am a CrossFit Purist.  It has the best results and if your clients dont get it, then its the coaches job to explain it.  I love this stuff!!


__________________________ DSC_0040

"Light Weight"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:



     100 reps Pull-ups

     100 reps Push-ups

     100 reps Sit-ups

     100 reps Squats

     *depending on your ability, we will need to move everyone off the pull-ups at 5 minutes.  Id like to keep a guideline of no longer than 5 minutes at each of the 4 stations.  Now if you blow through one in like 1.5 minutes and you are a little slower on the next one, go ahead and stay with it a bit longer.  Max time limit is 20 minutes.




Snatch Balance


          *3 second hold at the bottom of the lift on each rep


ON RAMP CLASS Day 1: What is CrossFit and Functional Movement, Air Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat


MWOD........this is for Cindy but it still works great for Angie:)


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