CrossFit has many HERO wods for those that have given their life in their professions.  Today we honor a young man who was well on his way to becoming a HERO.  Cory was a hard worker, a friendly smile, a quirky sense of humor, a competitor, someone who wanted to better himself in everything he did, and a good friend to many.  Cory was taken WELL before his time.  Cory you will be missed.  Our hearts go out to your family brother.

Today, during the workout, the sweat, pain, and discomfort are our small memorial to Cory McGee.  Keep him in your mind as you go through it.  Stay strong for him and for his family.  This one is for you Cory.  Fare well and Rest in Peace.


__________________________ Cory

"10/6/12 RIP Cory McGee"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


AMRAP in 40 minutes:

     10 reps Hand Stand Push Ups

      6 reps Deadlifts (315#, 225# or 70% of 1RM)

     12 reps Toes to Bar

     400m Run after the EVEN numbered rounds


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