I can not tell you how impressed and overjoyed i was with the overwhelming response to our Cory McGee Memorial Workout.  There were 3 local gyms that did the workout at their boxes: INFERNO, NORTHERN INFERNO, and the OHANA.  But we also had past member, Claudia Gonzales's box in Erie PA, Crossfit FBO, do it at their gym as well.  We even had some of our F@#kin badass trainers do this workout 2 and 3 times today all in the name of Cory!  Amazing how fast the CrossFit community can pull together and do something beautiful like this.  This is what is so amazing about CrossFit.  ITs not just the BEST workout program out there.  Its a lifestyle and a community that is inviting of everyone.  And its not jst about the community within your own boxes walls.  Box loyalty is important dont get me wrong but if you are a Crossfitter, then you belong to a very special group of people.  We all talk different, eat different, dress different and think different.  When we need to call all the forces together, we NEED to be able to do that.  Thank you so much for showing that we can do this.  Love to all of you guys!


__________________________ DSC_0029


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Clean and Jerk

     15min to find a good 1RM





     1000m Row

     50 reps Barbell Thrusters (45#, 35#)

     30 reps Pull-ups


MWOD........so what do your shoulders do on pull-ups or when you go overhead? CULTIVATE THAT TORQUE!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd5II6AUfh0]

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