Pain is the indicator that there is a problem somewhere in our body and we arent acknowledging it enough.  The less we move correctly or want to correct incorrect movements, the more we are going to feel pain.  I have heard people say that you could get hurt doing CrossFit.  Yes it is absolutely possible to get hurt.  Not anymore than in any other workout program but needless to say, if you arent doing movements correct, you will get hurt or feel pain.  Our job as coaches is to be on your ass as much as possible to try to get you to move as close to perfect as possible.  If you decide not to listen or you let things like "being first to finish" get in the way of your quest for proper form, then you will injure yourself.  This doesnt mean that you should intentionally lift light weight and go slow as to not hurt anything.  It means that you learn the move the best you can and constantly try to improve your efficiency and proper movement muscle memory.  This will be your protector from injury.  You body must learn how to move correctly, then be able to do it under stress and weight.  You cant expect it to just "know" where to go.  If it hasnt ever done it, then it wont.  Take the time and be diligent on correcting your movements and practicing how to be powerful in those movements.  This is what you need in real life.  Go get it!


__________________________ DSC_0061


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Triple Tabata

     Power Cleans (155#, 105#)

     Hand Release Push-ups

     Kettle Bell Swing (53#, 35#)

     *8 rounds of 20 seconds max reps, 10 seconds rest though all 3 movements.  1 full round equals 1:30minutes with a total workout time of 12 minutes. Record your total reps for each round.  Strike out your highest and your losest rounds and average the other 6.  That is your score.




Clean Pulls (110% of 1RM Clean )


Squat Cleans



ON RAMP CLASS Day 5: Work&Power, Pull-ups (Strict, Assisted, Jumping, Banded, Kipping), Kettle Bell Swing

. oldie but a goodie for that interanl shoulder rotation


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