BBBBRRRRRRRR its getting cold!!!  Even though we were 20 degrees above our normal temperatures just 3 days ago, we are now 10 degrees below.  This is going to make the box VERY COLD when you get there.  This means... DO NOT SHOW UP IN JUST A TANK AND SOME SHORTS!!!!  We dont want you guys to get sick, and even more, we dont want you to get cold.  Layering should be the game you guys now play.  This means that you will be warm when you get there and as you are warming up , you can start to shed some of the clothes.  Then once your are in the middle of the workout, you will be sweating like crazy and all loose and limber even if its 45 degrees out.  We need you to be smart!  This also means that your warm up time is even more important.  We want your whole body warm so work your ENTIRE body from our warm up.  Running or doing double unders isnt going to get your whole body ready to go.  DO OUR WARM UP AND DO IT CORRECTLY:) We have some heaters we can use but ill tell you right now, its not going to warm anything up unless you put your hands in the flame.  So now that you have warmed up, had a great workout and you are all sweaty....dont walk around without your shirt on outside in the wind, etc.  Bring a second shirt, put your jacket back on and bring a beanie.  You lose 30% of all your heat from your head alone so keep it warm.  We are going to order some sweat shirts so get ready!!




__________________________ DSC_0017

"Frosty Chillins"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


2 Rounds for TIme:

     3 reps Squat Clean (225#, 155#, or 70% of 1RM Sqt Clean)

     10 reps Hand Stand Push up / Ring Dips

     6 reps Squat Clean (185#, 115#, or 60% of 1RM Sqt Clean)

     20 reps Hand Stand Push-ups / Ring Dips

     12 reps Squat Clean (135#, 95, or 45% of 1RM Sqt Clean)

     30 reps Hand Stand Push ups /Ring Dips

          *on the 2nd round do the Ring Dips instead of the HSPUs




Overhead Barbell Walk (135#, 95#)

     *400 m walk ith Barbell locked out overhead.  If you drop the bar you must do air squats until you pick it up FOR THE ENTIRE TIME THE BAR IS NOT IN THE AIR!!!!


ON RAMP CLASS Day 6: Mobility, MWOD and tools, Double Unders and Jump Rope, Wall Ball, Thrusters


MWOD........working the bottom of the squat


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