Music has always been such a powerful force since the beginning of time.  Beats of Drums used to be use by tribes to fire up there warriors going into battle.  The guitar can drive the heart in a rock ballad.  Powerful memories attached to different songs and they can instantly make us happy or sad all with a play button.  But is a good thing to workout to music?  Some will say that its better to workout without music so that you can be focused and listen to your body while you are wodding.  When I was wrestling, I would run miles and miles and I had my headphones BLASTING, mostly because that way I wouldn't hear my self breath.  Not like i wasn't focused on the training, but it didnt help me if I sounded like i was going to die!  CrossFit culture has brought music with it as a necessary piece of the landscape.  Boxes all over are fighting with their neighbors because the music is too loud, local throw-downs will bring in DJs to spin music loud during the competitions and the GAMES uses the music as a big beat theme song while the fittest in the world throw down.  I think its personal preference if its actually better or not.  The styles of music will differ between people, the volume will differ, the importance will differ.  the one thing i will say is that during a class if the music is so loud that the coach cant coach because athletes cant hear them, then its counter productive.  Other than that.....let the music PLAY!!!!




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"Bye Bye MO'! "

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 Rounds:

     20 reps Shoulder to Overhead (135#, 95#, or a weight you can get at least 15-18 in 1st rd)

     50 reps Double Unders (or 2:1 singles)




High Hang Squat Clean


     *Stay as high in the crease as you can to force quicker movemtn down under the bar!


ON RAMP CLASS DAY 2: Constantly Varied, Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift High Pull


MWOD........A ball on a bar and some untacking in the arm pit for  the shoulder


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