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After a wonderful day of spending time with our families, friends, loved ones, etc, its great to just sit and ponder the world around you.  It so easy to get caught up in all the crap that is going on.  You cn get lost in the politics, the fiscal cliffs chatter, the end of the world, rise in disease, decrease is services to the public.  There are so many things to bring you down.  But what can you do about all of it?  Sure, you should keep yourself informed on the world around you, but you need to be able to take some action.  Dont just sit and listen, pick the path that you think is the best choice and then go.  Sometimes this path is against the grain a little.  This isnt a bad thing.  Dont go against the grain just to do it.  But look at what you are into right now.  The workouts, the eating, the movement, its totally against what you are told to do.  There is more and more talk about how bread shouldnt be eaten nowadays.  A few years ago, that was the foundation of the diet that our government and all our scientist said we should be eating.  Many of you have taken it upon yourselves to change your ways to help your body, to keep it healthy so that you dont need the medical field, to move right so that you dont need the health field, etc.  Coach Glassman was our renegade that started this revolution and its becoming more and more main stream.  Imagine if other things could work the same way.  But it takes you to make the action.  Take a stand and go:)


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"HO HO Lets GO!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 Rounds for Time: (20 min max)

     20 reps Kettle Bell Swing (53#, 35)

     15 reps Burpees

     40 reps Double Unders




Olympic Speed Drills

     Squat Clean Drops


     Squat Snatch Drops


      *With both movements, you start in the hip open, shrugged up, etc, so that all you have left is the pulling yourself under the bar.  If you go slow you miss it.  No reloading to gain momentum.  You wont be super heavy on this but is working for max speed under the bar.


MWOD........some achillies love here


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