Speed versus Form is one ofthose lines we ride as CrossFitters EVERY day!  Since we are put on a clock, and because of the whole "competition between friends", and even the "Sport of fitness", there is a heavy emphasis put on speed.  The faster we go, the more work is done and the more power output there is.  However, going fast and not getting full range of motion IS NOT increasing anything but bad form and the chance for injury.  When the question was asked of Coach Glassman about which was more import, Speed or Form, his answer is "yes"!  Basically what this means is that BOTH ARE EQUALLY IMPORTANT!! We want you to go as fast as you can while keeping full range of motion.  Move your body to the end range of motion so that strength is developed for the entire range. Don't let yourself get short muscles.  This will cause less flexibility, and injury because you wont be able to move the way your body needs to.  Get the MAXIMUM out of EACH WORKOUT!!!!

FEEL THE BURN!!!!!  IMG_2014__________________________

"Short n Sweet"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:



     21-15-9 reps

          Squat Cleans (135#, 95#)

          Ring Dips




1000m Row for time




Overhead Squats



MWOD........some ring dip and overhead mobility

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7EB1ft8UxY]

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