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I’m a coach, commentator, and consultant in the fitness space. I have worked with some of the biggest names, biggest events, and departments but it been a long road to where I am today!

When you grow up as a wrestler, you become intimately involved in many activities. Practicing techniques for hours. Working to get stronger. Endlessly doing tiring workouts. Being mentally strong while cutting weight. Accepting the consequences of your actions. Owning the results when stepping on the mat.  These are just a few of them but it comes down to these things: Hard work, commitment, and owning it…..This IS life preparation.  I was lucky enough to have parents, that were teachers.  Because of this, they instilled these values in me and understood the importance of these things but also knew that each person is different and the ways they need to learn these skills for success will differ also.  This is what teachers live for! This is their PASSION!  Just as my parents, this PASSION for helping others succeed IS at my very core!!

I have brought this same PASSION and COMMITMENT to helping others succeed in all aspects of my life.  It doesn’t matter whether I am coaching Junior Guards at the beach, teaching firefighters in specific rescue techniques or physically preparing them to be heroes in their communities, working with our own members here at the gym to achieve their best life, working with my remote clients from around the world,  meeting with Masters Aged Athletes in my Master Experience Seminars or commentating at the CrossFit Games or other fitness events anywhere and everywhere in the world, my core values and drive are the same in every different situation.

My joy is helping others to achieve their goals and giving them the BEST platform in which to achieve that!  It doesn’t matter if you want to go to the CrossFit Games or want to be able to get up off the couch, my PASSION is to help YOU reach those goals!  Let me use my skills as a coach, commentator, and consultant to help YOU! Let’s do this TOGETHER!!