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Obstacles allow you to create creative opportunities!

Obstacles allow you to create creative opportunities!

We love the idea of “smooth sailing” when it comes to the things we have to do. But “smooth sailing” is either short lived or none existent. This is life and there will ALWAYS be obstacles in front of you with each and everything you do. How are we supposed to deal with these obstacles. And how can we use them to make our world or situation better? Even though obstacles seem like walls, they can be used as doorways to create creative opportunities. Instead of complaining about all the obstacles in your way, see them as opportunities! Because, where there’s an obstacle, there’s a way!

Life is tough! This isn’t meant to be a pessimistic view of the world. This just means that it is RARE that there will not be things you have to deal with everyday. The cool thing is that there is an unlimited number of ways to combat every task. Many times, we only think there is one right way and one other way that won’t work. This isn’t necessarily true. Sure, some ideas might be easier than others. Others might have a higher success rate than others. But, this doesn’t mean its only one or the other.

It takes you allowing yourself to be creative at times to come up with other options. In fact, the best way to not worry about the conventional “right or wrong” answers to the questions. Think about moving yourself outside of the box.

Let’s say we are talking about nutrition and eating clean. We know the best choice would be to meal prep so that you have your food ready to go. This doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing. Maybe you just need to meal prep your veggies. You might just need to prep your meat because you can get veggies during your lunch at the store. Even one of those “meals in a box” companies that sends you everything that what you prep at home can work. Or, you can design an easy list of things you can get at Trader Joe’s during your break for your meal.

What if its a workout? You can break up your reps a ton of different ways. Many think it’s only you cut the number in half or you only do singles. There are descending rep sets. Some will do multiples of 5 or of 3. I have heard of of others doing the rep sets in Tabata form (:20 max , :10 rest). All of these are good choices. But you have to know that they are all available to you.

And what if you have a something bigger like a big shift in your life or your lifestyle? Maybe its the lose of a job, or the need to sell your house, or some other debt hits you right away. Without a doubt, money issues are ALWAYS terrible. Instead of wasting time feeling bad about what you just lost, take that time and come up with some side hustles. There are so many that you can do to make some money. Selling things online, buying and selling books, designing an online class or product people can buy, designing shirts to sell, etc. Many people are making a living just on these things alone!

All of these things are obstacles to what you want to achieve or want to have: weight loss, health, increased fitness competition success, or financial freedom. But if you use these obstacles to generate ideas and maybe improved ways to get what you want, then the sky really is the limit! Obstacle always seem like a wall blocking you. But if you turn these walls into doors, and open them, then you will see that these obstacles allow you the chance to create creative opportunities to move ahead! The more options you have, the easier and quicker it is to switch from one plan to the next making for a seamless switch and very efficient use of your time and energy. The obstacles will always be there but it’s up to you to be creative and optimistic enough to come up with your options. Look outside the box and make great things happen!!