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"How can they do this to me??!?" How many times have you said this or felt this? Feeling like the world is coming at YOU. Like everyone is against YOU! One of my favorite books, which is a big deal because I wouldn't


When I was a kid there was a 6" curb along the road that all of us used to ride our bikes on to see who could ride it the furthest. The first couple times we could only ride a few feet then we'd


YOUR CHOICE How many times do you feel like your friends, your family, politicians, your boss, the slow person in line in front you, etc MAKE you feel happy, or sad, or angry, or anxious? The world is happening around you all the time and we


YOUR PATH There is NO shame in doing something and messing up. In fact, there is a ton of honor in the fact of stepping into the ring and giving it the ol' college try. The thing is that we ALL mess up all the


Every day isn't going to be a PR day. Ever had where you are in the gym and when you pick the bar up off the rack it feels like 80 pounds instead of 45 pounds. Everything feels extra heavy, and you feel extra slow.


You can't have the world handed to you on a silver platter and then expect to be able to have the ability to fight for something you want. It doesn't work that way. Our world has allowed us a very very comfy life. Convenience is


"The grass is always greener" is a very real statement but should be very bothersome to most. I think when most say it now they understand that it means that constantly looking around doesn't mean its a good thing. But even with this, I see